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This video was created at AI Studios is not a StartupStudio.AI company.

When it comes to AI, we are far from creating general (human level) artificial intelligence.  However, using Narrow (targeted) AI we are increasingly capable of automating many human tasks.  StartupStudio.AI is focused on using that automation in business to help build a better future - a future where human jobs evolve from repetitive labor to knowledge based work.

To create that future, StartupStudio.AI is creating applications and businesses that advance the field of artificial intelligence.  To streamline the process of creating new AI applications, we are building digital AI robots that build businesses.  That means combining expertise in artificial intelligence with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate many business tasks.

As StartupStudio.AI creates artificial intelligence businesses, it is also focused on creating equitable access to the benefits of AI.  Technology should not exacerbate inequality by widening the knowledge gap or increasing the digital divide.  Done right, technological development can improve everyone's lives.  That's why we are partnered with our nonprofit sister organization: Altruism.AI.

As we automate business processes, StartupStudio.AI and Altruism.AI will help level the playing field in business by creating merit-based entrepreneurship.  Management AIs will help businesses succeed, based on the quality of a founder's ideas and not based on whether someone has privileged access to knowledge and resources.  We want to give anyone, with a great for-profit or nonprofit idea, the ability to succeed.

Our mission is to create companies that advance humanity.  In addition to launching its own companies, StartupStudio.AI partners with new founders to provide the knowledge, skills, and resources that they need to succeed.  Our strategic partnerships can range from mentorship to direct investment.  Presently we are considering partnerships with founders on a case-by-case basis.

To expand its partnerships, StartupStudio.AI is in the process of developing a business incubator.  Our program will focus heavily on providing ongoing education, training, and mentorship to new founders.  It will also provide our partners with AI workers that automate many critical business tasks, so founders can focus on visioneering and innovation.

Our incubator approach to partnerships will also include a live-work innovation campus.  We are in the design phase of creating a campus in the heart of Silicon Valley.  The campus will be based around the affordable housing model ( created by our nonprofit partner The Civic Health Coalition.

StartupStudio.AI is not your typical Silicon Valley startup partner.  We are not simply a venture capital firm, an entrepreneurship boot camp, or a business incubator.  We work to be a true partner - providing comprehensive and ongoing support that helps founders succeed.  We believed in the power of human innovation and human determination, and we partner with founders whose ideas have the potential to advance humanity.  No ego; just results.
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